The rich cultural heritage of both historic and precontact human activity helps us understand our shared human past. It’s unfortunate that most archaeological investigation and Cultural Resource Management activity is conducted for small land developments or improvement projects where the budget and schedule demand highly focused investigations. Most scientists would like more latitude to research a site than is permissible with limited construction or development fund. DAR understands that and we’ve made it our primary objective to give our clients no more and no less than is required for legal compliance while optimizing the study of finite archaeological resources.

CRM firms such as Drayton Archaeological Research are contracted by agencies, private parties or individuals seeking to comply with regulations mandated by laws such as Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act and the Revised Codes of Washington RCW 27.54 and RCW 27.44, as amended, before construction or ground disturbing activities can commence. By complying with these regulations, we can help to ensure that current land development does not result in the loss of historic and prehistoric resources.