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Biological and Forensic Anthropology

Experts in identification of biological remains and burial protection procedures to comply with cultural resource regulations including the Native American Grave Protection Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), RCW 27.44, RCW 68.50 and RCW 68.60.

What We Do

Deputy Principal and Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Hillary Parsons, directs the Biological and Forensic Anthropology division at Drayton. Dr. Parsons’s unique skillset affords Drayton the opportunity to additionally assist medicolegal entities in a myriad of services. We provide expertise in:

  • Proper search and recovery techniques for surface scattered remains and clandestine burials
  • Complete skeletal analysis to include: 
    • The biological profile 
    • Trauma examination
    • Taphonomy
    • Time since death estimation
  • Discerning human vs. non-human skeletal remains
  • Analyses of cremated remains
  • Exhumations
  • Cold case examination/reexamination 
  • Mass disaster and fatality management
  • Osteology/forensic anthropology/forensic archaeology course instruction and training
  • Courtroom testimony

Drayton Archaeology is a full-service Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm offering expertise in Archaeology, Biological and Forensic Anthropology, and Historic Properties.


PO Box 782, Blaine, 98231

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