Simon Shultheis, B.A.

Having grown up with one foot in the Pacific Northwest and one foot in the Swedish plains of Västragötalands province, Simon’s interest in archaeology was greatly influenced by the many hours spent playing in the Stone Age and Viking ruins around his grandparents’ cabin in southern Sweden. After enjoying his first archaeology class at Western Washington University, Simon quickly enrolled in the university field school. In early 2020, he graduated with his B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology, but had already been employed and training with Drayton for a year; amassing experience in large scale data recovery projects including faunal, shellfish and lithic analyses. Simon holds a HAZWOPER certificate allowing him to work on environmentally compromised sites and is well versed in digital archaeology including GIS, photogrammetry, artifact photography, and digital curation. Outside of archaeology, Simon has a wide array of interests and talents and he even owns a coffee roasting company based out of Sweden. Simon hopes to return to Sweden to get his M.A. at Lund University to further follow his passion for digital archaeology. 

Drayton Archaeology is a full-service Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm offering expertise in Archaeology, Biological and Forensic Anthropology, and Historic Properties.

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